A traditional approach

Photos: Broombank Productions


Accommodation locally is excellent across the range including hotel, Bed and Breakfast and self catering (Leckmelm Farm and Lochside cottages are within walking distance of the boat shed).

Modern finishes allied with traditional building methods make for a light, strong boat, and the use of mastic between the lands (overlaps) makes these boats watertight from launch with none of the traditional ‘taking up’.
A good hose down and a lick of varnish every three years will keep her looking pristine for many years. And if you damage a plank, indeed any part of a clinker boat, it’s simplicity itself to repair.

Adrian Morgan,
Burnside, 80 Strathkanaird, Ullapool, Wester Ross. IV26 2TP
Tel: +44(0)1854 666383
Mobile: 07774 843 844


Before and after: The 39 year-old, 18ft (5.5m) Blackwater sloop Bambino undergoing
extensive restoration

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