Torridon Project


Probably my favourite project to date - possibly because there was no frantic deadline - this 15ft boat was destined for Loch Torridon, where she will be used by a family during their holidays.

She has the sections of the 18ft sjekte, Florence Oliver, but at 3ft shorter her beam/length ratio is greater, and I filled out the amidships section to give her a little more initial stability.

  But she also has the built-in water ballast system I have used on three boats so far, which makes her lighter to trail and yet, when fully ballasted, gives her an extra 150kg of weight, but as it's water, it won't act like lead ballast in the event of a swamping. She does carry a large buoyancy bag amidships, by the way.

The rig is standing lug which, although boomless won't set so well down wind, won't clout youngsters on the head in a gybe. The sail was made, like all my sails, by Steve Hall or North Sea Sails. Looks good, no?

Although of Scandinavian descent, I think the modifications make her more of a Scottish boat. A Loch Torridon skiff, perhaps?

Adrian Morgan,
Burnside, 80 Strathkanaird, Ullapool, Wester Ross. IV26 2TP
Tel: +44(0)1854 666383
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